Short Term

Gator Lending

Hey there fellow real estate wholesaler!

Have you been hearing that you can get started in real estate investing without any money by wholesaling, only to find yourself needing to front an earnest money deposit to lock up the deal?

I am a proud member of Pace Morby's Gator Lending tribe, and that's where we come in.

What is Gator Lending?

Gator Lending covers any type of transactional funding that helps get that property under contract. It may also be called flash funding, same-day funds, ABC funding, or one-day bridge loan. Simply put, it is a service for the real estate industry in which we help you fund and lock in your deal. Whether you are new to the real estate industry and you need funding for your earnest money deposit (EMD) or you are a seasoned investor and require gap funding, or you need to double close because you are in a state that doesn’t allow wholesaling and you need to hide your assignment or any other number of creative transactions that require a double close, we are your solution! 

Earnest Money

From $1000 and Up!

Gap Funding

Fund your Fix & Flip!

Double Close

Hide your Assignment Fee!

Joint Ventures

Partner with the Experts!

Off-Market Deals

Download and use this universal wholesale contract and there's no need to get the seller to sign the addendum.

Under Contract

Already have a deal under contract? Download this addendum that the buyer and the seller must sign. (Many realtors or sellers will not understand why this is needed and you can have them call me for clarification)

On-Market/MLS Deals

When placing offers with realtors they will be using standard state contracts. Download and submit to me the Under Contract Addendum.

*Tip: When placing offers, give yourself a long enough inspection period to find a buyer.

What Happens Next?

Most Common Reasons Why I Will Not Fund

Contact me with any questions.